Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Overdoing it

When I mentioned not torturing you with my old grainy pics, you didn't think I'd torture you with an onslaught of gratuitous shots taken with my new camera just... because. Well, I am. I'm sorry. I can't help myself. Here's the look I get when I know I've knitted for too long, ignoring my motherly duties:

How could one resist that face? I'm not sure, but I do. I continue knitting, throwing her a measly little treat - the poor dear. But, I'm obsessed. And when she does that in the middle of a row? I'm not even distracted. Speaking of obsessed... has anyone completely cleaned out their closet, donated most of their hanging clothes to the Salvation Army, and hung up knitting projects in ziploc bags clipped to pants hangers in their stead?

To add fuel to the fire of obsessiveness, this has been done in a VERY small apartment, with VERY little closet space. Priorities people, priorities.

Some good news: I have completed my first crocheted object! It's a flower! It was the in-class project for my Crochet class tonight. Our homework is to make a hat next - maybe I'll pin the flower to my future chapeau?

And I've started my first serious lace project - the Print o' The Wave Stole from Eunny Jang's blog. It's not picture-worthy yet as it only looks like yarn that's been diseased. Pictures to come! Plenty of pictures to come!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Busy busy busy

It's been a long month and a half since I last posted. First, I got engaged. Why no exclamation point, you ask? After dating for 10.5 years, no exclamation point needed. It's just a fact now. But you know WHAT deserves an exclamation point? My ring! I love my ring! My ring my ring my ring! I picked it out, and when I told the Migglesworth that the designer's first name was Lucifer - he said, "Done."

I finished my first pair of socks. Again, no exclamation point. Bittersweet, I tell you. I loved knitting socks, I loved the pattern and I loved the yarn - Koigu - but my pleasure was dampened knowing I was procrastinating. I just can't seem to want to finish that Swing Jacket. I want the finished product. But, I don't want to knit it. And that's not me. I'm a "journey", a "process" lover. This process? Not loving so much. Here are some close-up's of the socks. (Close-up's because the Migglesworth has worn them lovingly and they're not picture perfect.)

In the true style of procrastination, I've gone onto another pair of socks, completely ignoring the Swing Jacket yet again. I'm using the Goblet Lace Pattern from this season's FUN! The best part is I'm using yarn that a friend brought back from Bolivia. She tells me the flea market merchants were shocked to know that Americans were looking for yarn! I guess they all thought we would shop at The Gap. Don't ask about the beads. I don't know. Just... felt the urge, you know? And then lost the urge. So just four beads around the ankle.

Let's see... what else. Oh! I started taking a class titled "Crochet For Pleasure" (sounds dirty, doesn't it?) at FIT. Crochet goes against everything I love about knitting. Linear, logical, structured... TWO needles. The one hook, the flick of the wrist, the "oh, just stick the hook in anywhere, go with it" attitude scares me. With that said, it can do everything knitting can't. Like... make a blanket in one piece without searching for a 42" long circular needle. I'm just sayin'. And... AND - no dropped stitches.

I took the CYCA Knitting Instructor Certification Levels 1 & 2 at FIT, and loved the instructor, so I thought taking the Crochet class with her would be a good start. As for the CYCA Certification, I have to complete 30 hours of student teaching to pass Levels 1 & 2. I'm pretty close. I have about 25 hours down. It's amazing how many of my friends want to learn (when it's free), and it's even more amazing how much I enjoy teaching knitting. Beginner's are my favorite. They just light up.

Which leads me to... KNITTERS UNITE!! I went to FIT last night to see the Yarn Harlot speak. She's on tour for her fourth book "Cast Off", and she's taking the opportunity to try and rustle up some media attention. The theme: Knitters get no respect. And while delivered in her characteristic sarcastic humor, her point is a real one. I truly enjoyed her talk, and so did the other HUNDREDS of knitters/crocheters. I took the liberty of taking some photos there as well.

And the wonderful Yarn Harlot, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee:

Photos... photos... photos... ah yes! I bought a new camera!

That's right. No more torturing you with my teeny point-n-shoot digital pics that came out all grainy and under or overexposed. On the advice of knitting/blogger-extraordinaire, Vanessa, I bought the Canon Rebel XTi. It's wonderful. I highly recommend it. Let's hope I learn how to use this sucker to its fullest potential.

Next on my list: learn to customize this blog. The template is a little dry. (Notice SWING JACKET is not next on my list. *deep sigh*)