Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Eternity Scarf

I'm so excited about this scarf! It's my first pattern that's for sale on ravelry. I wanted to design something fashionable, easy to wear, but most importantly - easy to knit!

Anyway, my inspiration was all of those cowls, snoods and circle scarves for sale.

Having knit for so long, the cowl has always been so popular. Perfect for a one skein project. Perfect to splurge on that bit of cashmere you've had your eye on. But I always wanted something with a little more... drama, shall we say? This eternity scarf drapes low giving the appearance of something low-cut. I used different stitch patterns so you can twist it about and it can look different every which way.

Yes, I have a bit of an obsession with scarves. Generally, they've been much cheaper to buy, but this particular design seems to be cheaper to knit yourself! Especially in that fine fiber you've had your eye on! Here are a few more pics of my design:

Twist it around twice when it gets really cold out:

If you're interested, buy now! You'll be brought to PayPal and you must be a member of Ravelry. The cost for the pattern is $4.00.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


After completing my project for Shirley Paden, I was able to eek out another Baby Surprise Sweater. I was in such a rush to finish it, that as soon as I weaved that last stitch in, I gave it away. Forgot to take a pic. But, I think if you're reading this, you know what a Surprise Sweater is... I've knit so many I'm surprised I don't have the darn thing memorized. It's a really brilliant design, but enough. I think I have to swear them off for at least the next few newborns coming.

And I got to finish my Glynis Socks. You know... I'm happy with them yes. But this particular pattern just didn't blow my skirt up. It's such a small repeat of a pattern, that I feel it looks really erratic. Not a very pretty, graceful looking pattern. And, I can't imagine knitting this up in anything not solid.

Like, can you imagine that in a rainbow variegted yarn? Yikes.

So, I started looking back at my blog entries and I had a good laugh. Wow - some of those attempted projects in the beginning were really something special. Quite hysterical. If you're a brand new knitter and want to see some total rubbish, go to my older posts. You'll feel much better about whatever it is you're doing and however novice if you feel.

But, it got me thinking. Why have I continued knitting socks? When I've tried fair isle, but haven't gotten hooked (trying desperate). Tried lace... well... whatever. But socks? Huh. I don't really wear them, and if you don't wear them... they're really kind of useless. I realized it was the perfect outlet and inbetween type of project for me. I don't normally like wearing bright colors, and I'm not one to wear anything too lacey. I like my clothing basic. I use sock knitting to buy fluorescent pink variegated yarn. And to knit all those crazy stitch patterns I would never throw onto my torso. It is absolutely perfect for that.

Now I can get back to a garment and not feel totally bored. Love those socks!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sock it to me

Here are the lovely socks I received from my Sock Exchange partner.

Aren't they lovely? And so cozy too. Just in time for this chilly spell we're having here in NYC. It got down into the 50's last night, and we're to enjoy autumn-like weather for the next couple of days. My exchange partner used ShibuiKnits Sock Yarn and absolutely loves it and highly recommends it.

You can see I've broken them in already. Dog hair is covering the soles like an added layer of warmth.

In the meantime, I've been given another project by Shirley Paden that will appear in Vogue Knitting's Winter issue. I'm quite excited about the project as I've learned loads already. It's going to be another spectacular creation from her. Since designing is such a work-as-you-go process, I've had a few spare moments inbetween stages to work on other things. So, I started the Glynis Socks from Cookie A.'s Sock Innovation. Thankfully, Interweave's site has the erratas for this pattern on a PDF.

One down, one to go. I just love this Koigu cornflower blue. It makes me happy to look down at my right foot.