Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I whipped out the Stitchionary book I bought from Vogue Knitting to pick out a nice stitch for a scarf for a baby. I picked the Linen Ridge stitch. It looks nice enough, but it does make the scarf very dense and stiff, and it's curling.

Of course I mentioned the scarf to the recipient's mother and she said baby's choke themselves on them. Hm, maybe I'll just take it as a lesson in a stitch.

Oh, and I like the backside of the linen ridge stitch more than the frontside.

Monsieur Pussycat

Poor Monsieur Cat. I have been wanting to finish him up by sewing him up, stuffing him, adding his ears... but I've lost interest. I'm sorry Monsieur Cat. But all the finishing wore me out and now you're deaf. You're earless and can't even hear me when I apologize to you. I'll keep you around and maybe one day I'll be bored of knitting and want to continue sewing by putting your ears on. Not likely.

And the whole stuffing process is an art unto itself. Monsieur Cat is tres lopsided and lumpy.

Monday, September 25, 2006

It's a Bobbleful Life

I made my very first bobble last night. Thank you Vogue Knitting for walking me through the process so eloquently! The bobbles are part of a braid and bobble design from Stitchionary II. I was hoping to make a simple scarf since I picked out a bright magenta for the color. But it's going to be a bit more bobbleful than I had originally intended.

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Look of Fear

Look at my poor terrified puglet! First I attack her with the mean nasty sweater I knit her, and then I chase her around the apartment with the mean nasty camera. Poor little girl.

I wish I could get a better visual of the sweater, but really, my Pug is so much worthy of a photo! The sweater came out a little too short. So, it's fine, but not ideal. I'll give it another whirl when I get some spare yarn.