Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fancy Tee

I don't think I've ever been able to master the concept of "business casual". It was easy to throw on a suit. And it's easy to throw on some jammies. But, business casual... casual, but not too casual. Ready for business, but not too stiff. So for the past however many years, I've been going to work looking like a waiter, pretty much.

Maybe I've found my happy medium with this fancy tee.

I used Vogue Pattern 8392, View A and Amy Butler's Nigella fabric from Purl. Aside from using a size smaller, I am definitely going to make some modifications on my next one:

    1. Longer sleeves. (Or lose some weight. I hate when the underneath part of my sleeve rides up into my armpit. It's bad enough when my pants do it.)

    2. Longer length. (Or lose some weight. It's bad enough I have to deal with my big booty. The general public shouldn't have to suffer too.)

    3. Different neck closure. Hook and eye closures are not so good when there's no tension pulling them closed. So they pop open often. I'm going to try some cute covered buttons next time. Or even on this one.

It was very easy, and very quick. I do recommend it. And I think it's cute, fun and best of all, business casual friendly.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Doing it my way

I'm finally starting to accept the fact that I'm no spring chicken. More often than not, I'm being called "ma'am" instead of "miss". I often mention movie lines or lyrics to the younger set with only blank stares in response. But, the worst is this: I get heartburn turn acid reflux when I eat foods that are too "heavy". I don't even know what that means other than bad for you. But, I do know my list of no-no's is growing.

I was devastated when I realized the carbonara at Otto set off acid reflux for weeks, only to be followed up with chocolate giving me migraines. Am I paying for past indulgences? Am I setting my 20's straight now that my body cannot take anymore abuse?

Well, I decided to do it my way. (Sorry Mario.) I found a decent carbonara recipe that used cream instead of raw egg (boo-hoo). And instead of pancetta, easily obtainable bacon was an ingredient. Hm, bacon has never given me any gastronomical problems... so, when I passed the sign stating "REALLY GOOD BACON" at the Greenmarket in Union Square yesterday, I had to indulge.

Isn't that awesome? It's like 99% fat, 1% meat. I've always told the Migglesworth that I must have been a pork bellies commodities trader in a former life. Either that, or I watched Trading Places too many times when I was younger.

And, it gave me a chance to try out my new Le Creuset stainless steel cookware. It's amazing. I highly recommend it.

I would have taken pictures of the final dish, but being a little pork belly myself, I snarfed it all down.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Many many thanks

Sometimes it's hard to make friends. Sometimes it's even harder to make friends at work. And when you do, I have them to thank for my daily sanity.

Thanks Davina - you know why.

And thank you Jane for all the fun and the introduction to Tammis Keefe.

And a big thank you again to Purl Bee for always providing such wonderful inspiration.

The Yuwa fabric used in this project is very sheer, so I decided to double it up for a tougher hanky. I used my sewing machine and embroidered initials onto the corners using water soluble stabilizer. Then, I serged the edges right sides together, leaving 2 inches to flip right side out. Pressed flat. And finally, topstitched around the edges and to close the opening.

It was my first time using such soft, sheer fabric. Quite the learning experience. It's a little fussier than I'm used to.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A common love

Thank you, Mr. Mark Lipinski for the link back here! We have more in common than you think...