Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm not worthy

Blue Sky's Royal Alpaca in Cameo. What more can I say? A girlfriend of mine had to have the yarn since she fell in love with the color. She bought out her LYS's stock of it. What could she make with 6 skeins? I told her if she got more, I'd knit her a blanket (I owe this woman my life - I don't go around offering to knit up blankets made out of fingering weight alpaca to anyone.) We now have a total of 16 skeins. I am embarking on my largest project to date. A blanket made of fingering weight alpaca. Yes, I'll be doubling it up. This is all really an excuse for me to spend as much time with the most luxurious yarn I've ever come into contact with. The color, the feel... the smell - it's all heaven right here at my fingertips.

I'll be knitting up a swatch, and then figuring out a pattern worthy of this yarn. Cables and ribs? Twisted knits and purls? Slip stitches for a doubled weight? Decisions decisions.

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