Monday, March 10, 2008

Many many thanks

Sometimes it's hard to make friends. Sometimes it's even harder to make friends at work. And when you do, I have them to thank for my daily sanity.

Thanks Davina - you know why.

And thank you Jane for all the fun and the introduction to Tammis Keefe.

And a big thank you again to Purl Bee for always providing such wonderful inspiration.

The Yuwa fabric used in this project is very sheer, so I decided to double it up for a tougher hanky. I used my sewing machine and embroidered initials onto the corners using water soluble stabilizer. Then, I serged the edges right sides together, leaving 2 inches to flip right side out. Pressed flat. And finally, topstitched around the edges and to close the opening.

It was my first time using such soft, sheer fabric. Quite the learning experience. It's a little fussier than I'm used to.


Anonymous said...

They're beautiful!

the daily purl said...

These are lovely - really beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

Making friends seems to get harder and harder as I get older. So much more important, then, to let friends know they mean a lot to us. Your hankies are a nice gesture and very lovely.