Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cuckoo for Cowls

I've got another pattern up on! It's the Zig Zag Cowl.

I'm even more excited about this one than the last. It takes less yarn, and is quite easy to knit, but not boring.

And look! Wear it over your coat collar. Keeps you even warmer :)

I truly enjoyed working with the Berroco Peruvia yarn. I was surprised. It feels rough on the skein, but softens up as you knit it. And it was different for me to not knit with something with a lot of spring to it. It's really quite lovely.

Hope you'll give the pattern a try. Purchase it from, or from my sidebar here.


WhitMc said...

You are just cranking out patterns like crazy! Keep it up--I am 25% of the way through my Eternity scary and am addicted.

Jane said...

I've just bought a copy of the pattern for the Zig Zag Cowl - hoping to make it up this weekend!