Saturday, December 26, 2009

Many travels

December has been a flutter of activity. I'm sure you can all relate. Some activity sad, some happy but all with optimism.

The month started with a "farewell" party to my dear friend who decided to move back to Chicago. A new beginning and a fresh start are always welcome, but this big city with only a few friendly faces will seem just a little lonelier to me. I miss her dearly. Since this was my girlfriend I spent hours with shopping for designer shoes, handbags and clothes I knew she had every material thing she wanted. So to make something was the only possibility to show her what she has meant to me.

I used Brooklyn Tweed's Hemlock Ring adaptation to make her a "Circle of Friends" Blanket and presented it to her from the Girls. Chicago's a cold place in the winter, so I think it's being put to good use. She tells me she sleeps with it nightly.

Next up, I had to do a little travel for work and then Mr. Migglesworth and I were off on vacation! We headed off to Papagayo in Costa Rica. It was heavenly. No, we didn't surf. No, we didn't do any of the hikes. My one and only goal was to turn into a complete sunshine-induced blob. It worked for the most part.

Right after we returned, we had to turn around and head to Laguna Beach, California for my cousin's wedding. It was another glorious part of the world with perfect weather and a view of the glistening Pacific at the ceremony and cocktail hour.

Unfortunately, while in California the East Coast got dumped with inches and inches of snow. I was bummed that I had missed the snowfall, but even more pissed our flight was delayed about 3 hours, getting us in around 4:30am.

But all is ancient history now. Another Christmas down... and New Year's is upon us. I can't wait for New Year's Eve - an intimate dinner with some of my closest pals!

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Marfa said...

Hi, let me ask you something. Do you ever knit using a loom? I don't know how to knit using needles, only looms, and I would love to learn to translate regular patterns into loom patterns. If you can give me any hints, or blog about it, that would be just fabulous!