Thursday, June 24, 2010

Productive Procrastination

I am a very goal-oriented person. I like being able to cross things off of my list. (Said list being all in my head, as I'm not organized enough to actually write it down.) And with a goal in my line of sight, I rarely deviate from it. But every so often, I procrastinate. I take little detours. And these detours usually turn out to be quite productive. Reorganizing yarn stash, surfing ravelry and my latest friends' activities, checking out yarn sales, setting aside yarn to donate... quite productive. Yes yes, quite productive.

Well, during my last project, I procrastinated. I was able to turn in my project early, thankfully, but I was antsy. I don't know - maybe it was knitting with bulky yarn in 90 degree weather. Maybe it was the fact that it wasn't portable. Maybe I needed something easy to knit whilst watching the World Cup. In any case, I procrastinated with this Mara Shawl. A free pattern from madelinetosh. I like its simplicity with the touch of femininity at the edge.

I used about three skeins of madelinetosh's DK yarn. It's so soft, with just the perfect amount of springiness. The color is Victorian Gothic. It's the deepest purple and since it's hand-dyed there is a beautiful subtlety in its unevenness. I absolutely love the yarn, the color and the finished product. How often can you say that?! It's still way too warm for this piece, but it'll be great come Fall.


Fer said...

Gorgeous. I call it procrastination to good purpose!

Anonymous said...

I just finished my Mara a couple days ago as well, and the yarn is quite lovely. I plan to gift mine to my grandmother, although I desperately wish I could keep it. :)

WhitMc said...

LOVE it. You very nearly inspired me to finish the last 10 rows of my shawl-in-progress, but I am sure you remember how much I love doing the 200ish purls needed for every other row at the end of a shawl, so it is currently my own procrastination. Great job on continuing the color branching, that purple is fantastic.