Monday, October 25, 2010

Turning Red

My next published design is set to appear in Vogue Knitting's Holiday Issue.  I'm so excited for this one!  I love the way it turned out, how it looks in the shot, and how the editors decided to size it - up to 3X!  But, most of all, I think it's flattering even though it's shapeless.

photo by Rose Callahan

Starting last year, I started to see a resurgence of capes and ponchos, and they seem to have really taken off this season.  My original plan was to knit this in Cascade 128 Superwash, but I got Zealana's Aspire Tui for the project.  I was hesitant at first, but the color is great and the yarn actually surprised me.  Even though I felt punished for having to knit this in the summertime, the yarn was easy to knit with, light in the hand, but the resulting fabric is surprisingly weighty...  which is a great thing when knitting an outer layer.

This was the first hood I ever knit, so I studied all the different ways hoods could be incorporated into the neckline.  Picked up, or sewn on afterwards.  I decided to knit straight up from the neck opening and increased from there.  Everyone I asked about hoods told me to make sure it was big enough.  I took that to mean to make sure it's deep enough.  That always seemed to be my problem with hoods too.  They never really stay on; they always seemed too shallow, slipping and falling off with just a turn of my head.  I may have overdone it, but I just love the big hood on this poncho's silhouette.

And lastly, I threw in some pockets.  This was not part of my original design, but since it's "outerwear" I thought pockets would work out really well.  I have to admit:  I'm still on the fence about the pockets.  I think the yarn may be a bit too thick for pockets.  So if you're more into aesthetics than practicality, I'd skip the pockets.

Vogue Knitting has thrown up a preview of this issue on their site, and it looks great!  One of the biggest influences in my knitting life is Shirley Paden, and her design is on the cover, and the first piece in the spread that I'm featured in - Rhapsody in Red.  I'm so humbled to be in her company along with Mari Tobita whose red dress is so stunning, it's breathtaking.

The issue is on the newsstands November 9th.  I hope you check it out!

photo by Rose Callahan


Fer said...

Gorgeous! I love it!! It would take me years to complete something like that though... :)

hotel_anyone said...

This pattern is so beautiful-it was the first design in Vogue knitting I looked at this month, but the yarn is so expensive. Can you recommend another yarn for this project? I can't afford $17 a ball :(

mishi2x said...

@hotel_anyone - any bulky weight yarn should work. I really like Cascade 128 Superwash wool - it's soft and much more affordable.

syfylover123 said...

Wow that is really pretty and I love the red!!! Thanks for posting