Tuesday, December 07, 2010

At The Last Hour

Lately it feels like I'm either rushing to finish something, or something is catching me off guard.  Like, say, sub-freezing weather and Christmas shopping.  I know.  It happens every single year.  Winter comes in December and Christmas comes on the 25th.  I KNOW.  And with online shopping, I think I procrastinate even further with all the "order by the 23rd to receive by the 24th" promises.

And then the guilt starts to settle in.  "I knit... I'm a knitter," I start thinking to myself wondering why I'm purchasing gifts when I could be knitting up something nicer and more special for my loved ones.  Well, let's just say I'm a material girl living in a material world.  I actually enjoy shopping (aka gathering and consuming).  But that little voice... knit something nice... keeps popping up in my head.  It's like my very own Ghost of Knitted Christmas Gifts.

So, alas, I finally got around to writing up the pattern for a hat I knit last winter.  I knit it last winter in some last-minute knitting frenzy when I realized the weather was about to warm up.  Yup, more of that procrastination thrown in with some last-minute rushing around.  I completed it mid-March, and was able to wear it for about a week.

There were some lovely comments on Ravelry by some even lovelier ravelers which encouraged me to write it up for this season.  And for all you folks procrastinating out there, it's a great quick knit.

I chose Malabrigo Worsted yarn for its softness and for the subtle beauty of the Pearl color.  I love how the grey color has just a hint of blush.

I'm thinking for a man, sans pom-pom and in a navy or olive green color would make a lovely addition to their wardrobe.

The cabled stitch pattern is a multiple of 10, so downsizing for a child's cap is easy math.  The cartridge rib makes up the band of the hat and is a multiple of 5 so that works out mathematically for downsizing as well.  The cartridge rib is a flatter, less elastic rib than most so I would change to a 1x1 rib if you want something more snug.  Or maybe try a smaller needle.

The pattern is for sale here.  Check it out and if you decide to make it, start the project in Ravelry!

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