Thursday, January 04, 2007

Baby Surprise Jacket - EZ #2

My next Zimmermann project is the baby surprise jacket. I had started it months ago, ripped it out. Started it again, ripped it out. Have finished two baby jackets in the meantime. Now. Finally - I'm well on my way having past the "make 9 increase at the two end sections" part. I'm using Blue Sky Alpaca Sportweight in Lt. Green - it's a great pistachio color. And since I have lots of leftovers from my other EZ baby jackets, I'll throw some stripes in there when I finally remember to. Maybe the dark grey is too dark? Hm, probably. This is for a boy so maybe not? And I got some cute gold/brass buttons for it. Wish me luck!

Added on January 9th:

Let me just say. No one could be more surprised than me. I was convinced I was making some sort of sea mollusk. But, I just finished knitting up the surprise jacket and wow. I'm SURPRISED. What an amazing amazing design. You will never realize the genius until you knit it. Even though you thought you did looking at the schematic. But no. Must knit it. Wow.

Pictures to come...

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