Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Habu Textiles "Sale"

I couldn't believe my luck! I hopped onto Habu's website and eureka! - their showroom on 29th Street was having a sale! It was dreamlike. I was the only one in the showroom sifting through their precious assortment of exotic yarns with only the whirring of spinning machines in the background. So I ended up buying some Kenaf "yarn" (the big skein in the middle) to crochet some placemats, or one big table cover thingy. Four balls of a linen/wool mixture, and two balls of 5-stranded wool. All the colors were so subtle and gorgeous, I had to back away from beautiful cashmeres, boucles, chenilles, metallic threads... jute-like silk. It was really fantastic just to browse.

And sale is in quotes because only the 5-stranded wool yarn was actually on sale. I just couldn't resist.

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