Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Miles and miles...

It feels like I've been knitting for miles and miles. Alright, I'm being a little dramatic. But, I am making some headway. I'm not quite halfway through my "knit 168 rows straight" which makes up the back of the garment, but I'm getting there.

And, I've learned a few things too. I've never had to provisionally cast-on in the middle of my work, which I did by using the crochet chain method and knitting into the butts of the chain and putting those stitches back onto the needle. I've learned to rethink any sweater knit up in sportweight/sock yarn. AND (this is a big "and"), I'm finally more comfortable knitting continentally than english. This is a milestone for me. My left hand is so "dumb" that it's taken many many stitches to feel comfortable actually controlling the yarn in my left hand.

Finally, the last thing I've learned is that you just never ever know what will happen with variegated yarn. Check this out:

I heart argyle.

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Thea said...

very cool!