Friday, October 05, 2007

Slow goin'

I'm making some headway on my log cabin quilt, however it seems like it's taking forever. I'm not even halfway done with the piecing of the blocks. And while I didn't let the idea of quilting a king-size blanket deter me in the beginning, I'm starting to regret... no no, not regret... rethink my sanity? No no, regret my king-size decision.

I'm having fun piecing the blocks as I get to play and get used to my new Bernina. But, I'm no pro, by any means, and my log cabins are getting smaller and smaller as I end up squaring them further and further in because they're so crooked. I've invested in a precision piecing book, and I think my first problem is my cutting. I'll just have to address that with my next set of blocks.

And as for knitting (I'm really not doing the blog title justice these days), I'm not making very much headway on my Shibui Half Circle Cardigan, nor on my Jo Sharp Latte Sweater, nor on my Habu scarf. Nothing even worth photographing. The Half Circle Cardigan has my attention at the moment, and I'm at the point in the directions where I'm knitting a thousand gazillion rows straight. It's feeling tedious with sock weight yarn in a 2x2 rib. But, I'm trying to keep my eye on the finished product. A neat-o cardigan... that I probably won't wear as I'm also realizing the 2x2 rib is really not a good look for the well-endowed chesty ladies as I am, unfortunately.

Oh, and I signed up for a "quilt making by hand" class at Purl Patchwork. I feel so clumsy and all-thumbs around a needle and thread that I just had to torture myself with a proper 4-week long class. Excellent.

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amy sahba said...

I love your quilt - it's going to be amazing! And, I am very curious to know how the purl class is, I've been thinking about doing one too!