Friday, January 04, 2008

Bernina, The Exhibitionist

My beautiful Bernina has been naked since I brought her home. She came with a carrying case, but no simple cover. She's been bare through this cold winter. So I thought I'd make her a nice little outfit.

Though Swiss, I thought something more simple in design... more Japanese would suit her best. She's not a complicated female; she does her one and only job very well.

My very first sewing original :) No pattern used. Just measured, cut, embroidered and sewed.

I used 100% cotton canvas, and wasn't planning on anything decorative. But after cutting out all the pieces it looked a bit plain. Simple, I like. Plain, not so much. So I thought about applique, then settled on embroidery since I didn't want anything too fussy.

After sifting through my jars of embroidery thread and crewel wool, my Habu jar peeked out from behind and beckoned me. I had forgotten I had all these goodies from their last year's sale! I used the peach 100% silk, the cement linen/wool, and grey 100% wool. I don't embroider very much, and enjoyed it even though it's a bit time consuming. Whipped out my compass, drew some circles randomly and voila.

After I had sewn the pieces together, I had forgotten about the raw edges that would be left at the bottom. I had some Nani Iro binding tucked away from a sale and sewed that onto the bottom.

Yay - she's fully clothed now.


amy said...

this looks absolutely great! I am inspired, I must make some kind of cover for my own sewing machine and for our printer!
i especially love the idea of the embroidered circles... lovely!

mishi2x said...

Ohhhh, printer - great idea!! Mine's covered in a nice film of Manhattan dust :)

the Campfollower said...

I have been meaning to do this for ages! Both my machines are nudests and while that does not bother me, I do live in one of the most dusty places on Earth.You have inspired me. Thank you!

Amy said...

This is adorable! I just have a hard plastic case (that I hate the look of). This is a great idea. And I love the outside pocket as well.

Cat said...

So cute. Absolutely love the pattern. I have an ancient Bernina which has an ugly hard red case and a flat which is a lean, mean dust producing machine. Am going to have to add this to my project list for 08!

sharkyandgeorge2006 said...

Hi does anyone have a red case for their bernina 830 which they are willing to sell? Sorry if this is the wrong place to leave a message but I am desperate! If you do could you let me know??