Friday, December 28, 2007

Size Queen

I'm a size queen, what can I say? I started out making quilts of more humble size. But now I wanted something more substantial. Something that would actually cover my bed. Something I could really sleep under. Well, this quilt isn't even as big as I had originally planned... and thank God. Top 5 reasons why I shouldn't make quilts larger than throw/lap size:

1. No room to baste it. Open floor space in apartment isn't as big as a queen size.
2. Basting large quilt on hardwood floor leaves bumps and bruises on the knees. Yes, I need to ice them now.
3. Run out of safety pins. I swear I have thousand's. I could use that quiltak gun I wanted to try, but can't bear the thought on anymore time spent on basting or learning a new basting technique.
4. The quilt back has to be pieced. Unless you buy extra wide fabric, it's not big enough. That was annoying.
5. (TBD)

I'm just being proactive about #5 - I'm leaving it blank for the actual quilting part, which I haven't started yet.

Do you see this ridiculous basting job?!

I had to start out from one corner and move to the other because I couldn't lay the back flat. I had to start using LARGE safety pins because I ran out of the larger ones. And I'm totally going to have a batting-less corner since my quilt top moved along as I was flattening it out. And yes. Yes. I had to start basting on top of a rug because my knees were killing. I can't wait to see how totally f'ed up this back is going to look after I quilt this. It's going to have so many puckers and folds.

I feel driven to madness. I started telling myself to "LEAVE IT! LEAVE IT!" when I wanted to fix that last pucker in the batting.


Emi_Shimosato said...

I understand exactly how you feel, although I don't have a bumpy wooden floor... I usually finish half, and then do half (finish pin and quilting half of the quilt, and do the same for other half part), when I work with a big quilt. I am afraid of having wrinkled backing with quilting lines. It is hard to quilt a big size quilt sandwich by a home size sewing machine.
Good luck!!

Oh, I have the same fabric which you used for the border :-)

fiona said...

love the quilt!it can drive you to maddness cant it!?!?if you quilt from the inside outwards you should be able to smooth the backing as you go, good luck!... nice to meet you!

cindy k said...

i'm not an expert on quilting, but when i work on anything intensely i really focus on the problem areas. after walking away from it for a while, they don't seem as bad. sewing is really hard - the challenges don't stop coming until you're done!

for the quilting, puckering will naturally occur when you wash it. so, it might not even be noticeable. could you piece in some extra batting?

don't give up - it's going to be a beauty!

Berrie Wren Bowen said...

Creative pin basting is norm in my world. Usually "said quilt" is hanging over a table and I am basting sections at a time. I have discovered (over years of experimenting)that I can loosely baste and stippling ALWAYS works. So the best of luck with your quilt and I hope your knees feel better soon.

mishi2x said...

You guys are awesome - thanks for all the encouragement!!