Thursday, June 12, 2008

Getting Back in the Game

I just haven't been feeling very crafty lately. But, I think my latest project put a little crafty back in me.

I had to make a little something for The Migglesworth's friend's new baby boy. I had done two quilts in a row, so I figured it would have to be a little knitwear this time.

What better than a Baby Surprise Sweater. I haven't knit a good old-fashioned Zimmermann project in awhile. Getting back to the basics was just what I needed.

I feel invigorated again and infused with ideas. And best of all, I'm looking at (with great disgust) all of my UFO's and wanting to finish them up and move on with a clean slate!

So, here's the Baby Surprise Sweater for a little Champion. Jack Champion to be specific. Isn't that the best name ever?

Notice the quilt it's on? Oh yes, I'm still not done with that quilt I started MONTHS ago. That's my first UFO to slay.


Reckless Glue said...

adorable--love this oatmeal-ly colour!

Marcia said...

Very nice. The color makes it look elegant. It is a great pattern.