Saturday, October 25, 2008

Autumn Beret

Thanks to Ravelry there is a cornucopia of free patterns all on a single site. It's like hitting the jackpot everytime I browse through them.

I came across this pattern for a Spring Beret. Knit in cottor, it does make a wonderful springtime accessory.

But, I needed to make something for my dearest friend's birthday and it's on November 4th. Not springtime.

Here it is in Malabrigo's worsted wool. It took less than one skein, and I even threw in an extra repeat of the 8-row pattern to make it floppier.

I still think it cold be floppier and roomier. (I admit. I do have a rather bulbous head.)


Rebecca said...

just what i need, ANOTHER beret pattern. but the one you made is gorgeous. i love the colorway and texture. and raverly... sigh... i'm always finding way too many delicious hat patterns there, too!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty.