Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rainbow Sprinkles

I've been digging through books and sifting through trying to find quick yet impressive holiday gifts to make.

I stumbled across Elizabeth Zimmermann's Spiral Hat, also better known as the Snail Hat or Dairy Queen Hat. Personally being a huge fan of Dairy Queen, I looked at the "vanilla" colored hat in The Opinionated Knitter and remembered how I had always been such a sucker for anything with rainbow sprinkles on it.

I pulled out some Sheep Shop Yarn that was rainbowy, and got started.

A quick knit, but I'm not sure who this could go to. I think it's such a cool design, but wearable?

Be honest - do you think it's too goofy?


Jessica said...

It's goofy. But in a wonderful way.

Fer said...

Aahhh! WAY goofy - I love it!

Di said...

Well, I made one for my husband in a dark inky navy, and he wears it regularly. But he is a little goofy.

Rebecca said...

goofy-gorgeous, maybe? would have to see it on your head. actually, i've wanted to make this pattern for a while and finally bought the book the pattern appears in. love the yarn you used. it's dreamy.