Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You win some; you lose some

I am so grateful for the opportunities Vogue Knitting has given me. My first project for VK will be on the newsstands soon. My second one, soon thereafter. And one of my more recent submissions was accepted into a book they'll be publishing featuring Noro yarn.

I had never knit with Noro yarn before, but its reputation preceded itself. I think Noro is known for its rainbow of colors. And for my austere color sensibilities, I was anxious about what yarn I would receive for my project. I was pleasantly surprised when an earthy range of browns greeted me when I opened up the FedEx box. (I think they took pity on me, probably imagining me faint if faced with greens, reds, yellows and purples.)

While the texture of the Noro Kureyon was fairly different from the yarn I imagined my design in, it worked out well. I altered the pattern ever-so-slightly to compensate for the difference. I think it was good practice.

Here's a sneak peek:

I really love this design. Easy knit, fun to knit, not boring and I think it's fashionable!

While finishing up this project, I read my rejection e-mail from Twist Collective. My design submissions didn't make it into their winter edition. And I haven't heard back regarding my next submission to VK for their Winter issue. I'm thinking it's a no-go. Oh well - you win some; you lose some. So, I think my next course of action will be to self-publish. I'll keep you posted!


Fer said...

I'm so impressed with what you have accomplished, you're such a talented knitter.

The Noro yarn looks so warm and inviting - like it's begging you to knit with it!

Leila said...

Keep plugging along at it, your designs are awesome, whether all accepted or not! I never really like garments knitted with noro particularly but yours looks like it will be one I'll actually want to knit.

anneland22 said...

This process of submitting is an interesting one, isn't it?

Somehow the prospect of self publishing rejected designs hasn't completely healed the ego wound of rejection just yet.

Love your work! That Noro project will probably look as stunning as it does in your sneak peek as it will in the future knitters wild color choices.