Thursday, August 05, 2010

Preview is here!!

Wa-hoo!! Vogue Knitting has updated their site to feature their Fall 2010 Preview! I'm so excited! My first design is in their "Force of Nature" spread.

It's the last picture in the bunch:

I also was given great news when I handed in my Noro project:  They've accepted another design of mine which will appear in VK's Winter issue.  I was very happily surprised!  And, the yarn will be the same yarn I swatched in - how often does THAT happen?!?

I'm a happy camper.


WhitMc said...

Clearly the best sweater in the bunch! I can't wait for it to arrive--it will be sent to you for an autograph of course!

Fer said...

Gorgeous! Such a great moment for you. :)

elizabeth said...

That's the prettiest sweater in the collection! Congrats!

Melissa said...


Leila said...

Congratulations on all fronts! Very very cool!