Thursday, May 17, 2007

Quilt for Baby Girl

When I found out the date of a dear friend's baby shower, my mind started to race as to what I could knit her. That's right, a baby girl. The options were endless. I have over a month and, of course, the first idea was another Zimmermann jacket. They're so precious. Then, I got a newsletter from Jimmy Beans Wool and their contest winner's pattern was for a baby and so cute it is. But, I consulted a close friend and fellow crafter, and she suggested I continue on my quilting path and make her a quilt. Why yes! A quilt! It would last longer than a sweater which she'd outgrow. And, for a summer baby... well a quilt was the ticket.

I raced over to The City Quilter and bought some fabric I had seen on a previous trip there. Heather Ross' Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries for Free Spirit Fabrics. I just loved the dogs and who could resist the throwback to the VW Bus. The colors are more 70's, less baby and if you knew the couple you'd know how perfect it was. Less pristine, more quirky. They'd appreciate these "Little Darlings" colors.

I added some leftover Amy Butler Lotus fabric I had and think I'll use it for the binding. Give it a little oomph. But for the backing, I'm going to stick with pale pink. She is a girl afterall.

I set out to find the perfect pattern. I needed one a beginner like myself could handle. And after I buying about 5 quilting books and 6 quilting magazines (along with the rest of the sewing section at B&N), I found a really cute one in the latest Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine. It's called Crossroads Baby Quilt, and since the pattern only had straight lines, I thought I'd take a stab.

I cut the pieces.

Pinned to sew.

And planned the layout.

It is SO 70's looking! I love it! I think I remember my mom's beaded flowers having this color range. A lot of yellows, oranges and browns.

I'll hopefully be finishing the patchwork this weekend, and then I'll have to figure out a quilt design.

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