Monday, May 28, 2007

Spring turns to Summer

The unofficial start to Summer began this past weekend here in NYC. Memorial Day weekend is when NYer's typically give a collective sigh of relief in anticipation of the slowing of the city. Even more typical of NYer's is that we leave. We get out of the city, and that's just what we did.

I was tempted to bring the sewing machine along, but the one thought that stopped me was that it might get wet on the ferry ride out to Fire Island - never mind its weight, bulkiness... the overall inappropriateness of a piece of machinery on an island that doesn't even allow cars during the high season. So, I packed my knitting (Swing Jacket, argh) and my crocheting (Granny Square Afghan) and forgot almost everything else. I'm a very bad packer. Pack light is my motto and to-hell-with-it if it doesn't fit. Well, I had plenty to keep me busy and that's all that mattered.

Once I got out to the house and the beach, my will softened and my motivation... well, I left it somewhere on the Long Island Expressway. I laid back and ate, napped in the sun, ate...

napped on the deck, ate some more. You get the picture. (I don't know how I managed to take the Rembrandt of all fruit pictures, but I had to share. Who knew a big bowl of fruit could look so serious. I think photography is next on my list of things to tackle.) I managed to eek out a few squares and a couple rows. What was really great was that I was able to appreciate the loveliness of the nature that surrounded us. And one thing I had almost forgotten all about... REAL sunlight. I got a whole bunch of it over the weekend. And it threw everything into a completely different light, in every way. I never noticed all the subtle variations in this beautiful hand-dyed yarn I've been using for the afghan. Pure prettiness.

Even my anxious city dog was able to stop and appreciate.

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