Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Quilted Coasters

Like a child on Xmas morning, I ran over to Purl Patchwork on Monday after staying up all night (exaggeration) waiting for Santa to deliver the latest book from Joelle, Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. Although the weather was warm and sticky, I grabbed my pug Brigitte and headed down to Purl Patchwork. I was so single-minded, that I walked right by Joelle outside her store and announced that I was here for the "New Book".

After paying for the book, Joelle was kind enough to sign it for me and mentioned how sweet Brigitte was. Aw.

I ran (exaggeration) home, not stopping at the dog run in Washington Square Park despite Brigitte's pleading looks (not an exaggeration).

I flipped through the book, completely UNdisappointed at its beauty and charm and started mentally making a list of what I was going to make. Although these coasters were not on the original mental list, I wanted something quick and easy and also something to use my Heather Bailey Freshcut fabric that I had leftover from my mother's Pinwheel Quilt. I've sent the quilt off to her, and I miss seeing the fabric laying around. So, here are the first two. Twenty (slight exaggeration?) to come!

Here's a quick "tip". (Nothing you wouldn't already know.)

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