Saturday, September 22, 2007

Some days...

are just better than others. For me, birthdays usually pass without much hoopla. I'm not a fan of celebrating myself. When we're little, they're just short of a national holiday. It progresses to an excuse to go out and celebrate HARD. But now... in my mid-30's? Not so much.

But this year's birthday was special. I guess it's this time in your life when there's very little drama, and the friends you have are the friends you'll keep. I felt blessed with every birthday wish, every celebratory birthday meal and every generous gift. The stars were definitely aligned as I received two "gifts" that I was not expecting (and both pertinent here.)

First, I finally got my ravelry invite! YES!!! Finally. I can start keeping track of my stash proactively, as opposed to reactively when the plastic bags fall onto my head everytime I open the closet door and think, "Oh... I forgot about this yarn. Must make mental note."

Secondly, I have NO qualms about spoiling myself every once in awhile. Life's short, and we work hard, don't we? So for my birthday this year I upgraded my sewing machine. I haven't been sewing long, but am loving patchwork and quilting more and more every day. I traded in my great little Bernina 230PE for the Bernina 640E. It's a little out of my league and I'm a wee bit intimidated by the touchscreen and its beeping, which I'm sure I can turn off, but I'm excited by its possibilities. I had ordered it weeks ago, and with some delays I was finally able to pick it up on my birthday. Now, that's a great little surprise.

(More pics to come of mine in its newly organized Atelier de mishi2x, hee hee... just one last Container Store visit!)

This birthday was just better than others.

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