Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Lesson In Color

I wanted something to practice knitting in the round. I had been reading up on the different techniques, never knowing how people ever did that tubular thing. So, the circular needles, I understood. The double-pointed needles?! No way - pictures always looked like some weird Blair Witch tribute. So when I went onto, and saw those kneat fingerless gloves and the instructions called for double-pointed needles, well... I had to give it a try. Going onto, I watched the video of setting it all up. All went well... except for a few things:

1) I realized I had twisted a cablearound, and so this one twist is raised.

2) What the !@#$%^&* is a picot bind-off? Read the instructions. No clue. Opened up Vogue Knitting. More confused. So, I did something, that isn't even close? Who knows.

3) And, was I serious when I thought this gray putty color would actually look good against my glow-in-the-dark skin? See Picture 1. Maybe if I get a tan, it won't be such a problem.

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