Friday, August 18, 2006


I just started a "Moss Grid Washcloth" from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book. It's a wonderful book. All the praise it's gotten is well-deserved. The quirky style of the projects are not really my cup of tea, but it is nonetheless inspiring. The anecdotes and stories are the most interesting. And what I've been reminded of is to not be afraid - more specifically, to not be afraid to make a mistake.

I've always been a bit tentative when dealing with my creative side. Always questioning that creative voice. Never able to just let my creative side do whatever it wants to. Always careful not to start a project without careful deliberation and advising that creative side to "not get so crazy". My first foray into creativity started young where I've always enjoyed drawing. Painting not so much. I have never been that into color. Always appreciating the shades of gray my charcoal would bring to newsprint, as opposed to what those crazy yellow/green bottles of Crayola paints had in store for my canvas. My teacher would always look at my drawings and say gently, "Go ahead - don't be afraid. Every line has its place. Every mark is important."

So, in response to my own previous posting of learning how to fix mistakes... yes, of course. Fix them. But make them first!!

I've also just received a box from Jimmy Beans Wool - what great customer service. I can't think of anything better than receiving a box full of yarn and notions. What fun!!

I'm also starting another project for my cousin-once-removed(?). My cousin's daughter. Anyway, she's turning 1 next month, and I'm starting a bonnet for her. It's from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts (again), and I think this is the first project I'm starting with the actual yarn that's being asked for. How exciting.

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