Thursday, August 10, 2006

Next On My List... Fixing Mistakes.

Much much more to learn. I have a baby shower coming up, and thought I'll make baby booties! Well, the booties alone seemed a little lame-o, so then I thought, let's do the pouch on the cover of Last-Minute Knitting Gifts!
I did the pouch first. Used superwash wool for the pouch, and then a wool/silk mix for the cord. I'm using that same wool/silk yarn for the booties. But the texture differences are bothering me a little. The pouch is so country (but not like Britney), and the silky texture of the pink is so much more slick and luxurious. Seems wrong.
And then, a mistake. A huge glaringly weird, twisted, skipped, slipped, dropped thing happened. Don't know what I did. So, I tried to fix it. I think I made it worse. What was a hole is now a big puffy blemish. My pouch is embarrassed and doesn't want to be seen in public. I really have to practice fixing mistakes... although it would seem more industrious to just plain-old practice so there aren't mistakes, but that's unreasonable. And unlikely. I'm a klutz.
So, my next mission: Fixing Mistakes.
Which is good. I think I just f'ed up on the damn bootie.

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