Monday, April 09, 2007

Project Spectrum 2.0

Thanks to Lollygirl, Project Spectrum is enjoying much success in its second year. For April/May, the colors are green, yellow and pink. As I looked at the list of the three colors, I mentally made a note that I probably have a lot more green and yellow (one of my favorite colors) than pink hanging around in my ever growing yarn stash. But as I sifted through my stash, the only color that peppered my sea of neutrals was pink. As I pondered this, I looked down at my Mr. Piggy coffee mug to find myself holding, well... a pink mug. Well, I figured I'd have to consult him as to what I would do with my little bit of pink yarn.

I placed him in front of the pile and he quickly started with the little ball of pure wool in fuchsia.

"Hmm, since you're the only knitter I know of that just randomly buys one ball here, and one ball there, we'll have to think of something small." After a bit of a pause, and chin-rubbing, "I've got it! Felt some flowers with it!"

He quickly moved onto the rest of the pile.

"Obviously," he said, "you'll have to do a fun pair of socks with those self-stripping Lorna's Laces. Nothing too fancy as it will just get lost with the stripping."

"And, that random skein of Malabrigo, which I would barely consider pink," he added with a little arrogance, "try crocheting another hat."

Lastly, he motioned to my one skein of Lorna's Laces Chunky Swirl and looked at me pointedly even accusingly, "I guess it's never crossed your mind to knit up a Mr. Piggy Cozy, has it? Didn't think so."

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Reckless Glue said...

I love that you've included little ear flaps for him!