Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The start of a Granny Square Blanket

I've been intrigued by all the interest in the "Babette Blanket" that was publishsed in the Spring 2006 issue of Interweave Crochet. It definitely looked like fun to plan out and make, but I know I would personally want something simpler looking. Not that granny squares have a simple look to them... I guess symmetrical is a better word to describe what I'd want in a blanket. I'm planning on covering my king-size bed with it. So I stopped by Purl in Soho to take a look at their fingering weight yarns. I was tempted by Koigu, but not the price. And my eye finally landed on a pretty warm yellow from Hand Jive - perfect for Spring, not that the price was much better. I threw in some other colors and played around with how bright I could personally go and came up with the five colors below. I had some GGH Soft Kid yarn in a sage I thought would work well, but as you can see in my test square, the brightness of the other colors makes the sage look a bit dirty. I wanted to possibly try different textures, but I don't think this is the right color. Still thinking on it... may stick with one texture. I do love the granny square pattern I found in a book a friend had - 200 crochet blocks, or something like that. (If you know what I'm talking about it's #35 - Tricolor Square). Fun and easy to make, and I think it's floral without being too girly.

I'm still, slowly, working on the sleeves to my Swing Jacket.

And, I'm trying to get my own Blog Title into this darn template, but can't seem to find clear instructions. If anyone has a quick hint as to how to do this, I'd be forever in your debt.

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Reckless Glue said...

very nice! --for a king size bed? Man, that's ambitious! --what about a chocolate brown if you don't like the sage (though I think it looks nice...) Not sure about the title thing, I've wondered that myself ---I'm amazed when I can even create a hotlink!