Sunday, April 08, 2007

Up's & Down's

Every weekend has its up's and down's. Mine happened to start with a down. I had to toss away the latter half of my yarn from Bolivia. A tangled mess it was. Merrily knitting my second Queen of Cups sock, I realized that I was almost at the end of my working yarn. How could that be - I had half a ball left the last time I looked down. When I reached down to join in the rest of the ball I realized that the remainder was wound as 3-stranded yarn. Huh. Simple, I thought. I'll just separate the three strands. I don't recommend this course of action. After more than 30 minutes of separating about a yard of the 3-stranded ball into 3 separate strands, I gave up. Luckily I was brought back two balls of yarn from Bolivia and dug the other ball out. If anyone has any brilliant solutions to the strand separation (other than gorging themselves with cupcake out of self pity), please let me know.

I couldn't help the indulgence of this finger-licking delight as it soothed away my ruffled feathers with its chocolate-y goodness.

Not letting yet another yarn debacle get me down, I decided to start the baby bolero from One Skein, as a good friend just had a baby girl. I had the yarn in my stash, and I thought it a cute design. This was the first piece I had to "finish". Sew up the shoulder seams, sew sleeves into armholes and sew up the sleeves. Well, I'm glad my first foray into finishing was on this tiny little piece, because... let's just say I knit and not sew for a reason. Turned out ok, but as I appreciated EZ's designs before, now I REALLY appreciate her minimal to no finishing designs. Genius. Why did I ever stray from her Surprise Jacket, or February Sweater? In any case, an up to my weekend:

I threw my sheep measuring tape into the picture to show just how teeny tiny the cute little bolero is! Teeny-tiny!!! And here is a detail of the cute little eyelet on the back. Just too adorable.

The only change I made to the eyelet pattern was I made a center double decrease instead of the K3tog they have listed. I used the sl2, k1, pass the slipped stitches over. That was the only change I felt confident enough to make.

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Reckless Glue said...

ooh I just ordered an EZ book with the baby surprise jacket in it and found out my best friend is pregnant, so I'm hoping it'll arrive soon and can get cracking on it.
Another friend of mine recently "de-plyed" some yarn as well---I think she hooked the seperate strands to some kind of bar and then rolled them on from the ball...may be a two person job though!